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Detailed Tutorial on Glogster EDU – Online teaching and learning tool


Detailed Tutorial on Glogster EDU - Online teaching and learning tool

Visit http://edu.Glogster.com – an interactive online teaching and learning tool. New to Glogster EDU? Here’s all the know-how. Watch this video tutorial and…
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  1. Andrew Kritzler says:

    I knew it was a girl who made this website. It’s got formatting galore
    which we all know is feminine.

  2. Nickolas Schultz says:

    why are there always haters in life?

  3. Sofia Nehal says:

    How do you delete a page on it?

  4. Connie L says:

    @MrButtnugget851 you can reset your password. when you try to sign in,
    click forgot my password and type your email in. you’ll get an email on how
    to change your password. hope this helps

  5. BoyArmor says:

    how to add effects

  6. bskulldragon100 says:

    @austin1346791 yes ass hat 😀

  7. Nic Otter says:

    heaps cute vid lass <3

  8. Latrell Mitchell says:

    im have a glogster for real

  9. mizpandiezz says:


  10. Rampage368 says:

    how can i add dancing animations on my glogster becuase i had a firend that
    added a dancing teddy bear on it?

  11. mimimi07 says:

    cool vid!

  12. SuperPhoenix5 says:

    yes you will 3:03 just press preview

  13. Samson Fung says:

    How did you get the panning motion in your instructional video?

  14. coolwillrocks says:

    why did the uploader thank themselves?

  15. marisajoyb says:

    Thanks for the helpful video. Is there an easier way to change student
    usernames and passwords? Or is there a way to change student usernames at
    all? Thanks,

  16. Mike Riker says:

    @SupaFlyy118 Get a life weirdo… Stop looking at otyher ppls glogs

  17. makeiteasyable says:


  18. austin1346791 says:

    is it free is it for everyone please awnser

  19. SunnyPee12 says:

    Glogsters are cool

  20. PikachuIsAsian says:

    I swear, i couldn’t hear anything you said to be honest…

  21. MattStubbs1 says:

    Thanks for the helpful video. Actually, I’ve been having problems recently
    with Glogster- it has to do with text, and text size. First of all, there’s
    no option to reduce text size below “8.” Next, when I add a surplus of
    text, it won’t all appear on one screen and you have to scroll down. No
    matter how large I resize the text box to be, all the text just won’t fit.
    Please help- thank you

  22. TheawsomeASIAN says:

    i ran out of room for my glogster how do i put more space like scrolling??

  23. FeartheLee says:

    Can someone help me? I’m making a glogster and I posted a YouTube video but
    once it’s on the glogster the sound doesn’t play on the video. Does anyone
    know how to fix it?

  24. Haleigh Brushaber says:

    thank you, this did help in what we are doing in computers class!

  25. Cowgoesmoo2 says:

    @glogster Wtf you’re talking to yourself?


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