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10 Very Blunt Study Abroad Tips


10 Very Blunt Study Abroad Tips

We’re four-time study abroad veterans and we’ve got some tough love for you! Please like, share, comment, and check us out on our other social media platform…
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  1. DamonAndJo says:

    10 Very Blunt Study Abroad Tips

  2. Daisy Del Cherie says:

    Great tips! 😀 I actually move to England next week to study in the
    university so it’s very useful right now for me. However, I am European so
    I am used to some of the things 😀 But thanks for the video x

  3. Ayngelina Brogan says:

    Solid tips, especially to get away from the people you are traveling with.

  4. jordernsvlogs says:

    fucking love you two xD

  5. mack Guthrie says:

    when I was in costa rica accidently said that I was horny, when I intended
    to say I was hot (the temperature kind!)

  6. cynthia chozas says:

    sending love from New Zealand 🙂
    Jo, eu sou filipina que morro na Nova Zelandia. Falo um pouco de portugues
    que eu aprendi da internet. Have you guys thought of coming to New Zealand
    ever? :)

  7. Anastasia H says:

    Wonderful tips! The schedule tip is a great idea! 

  8. shetravels says:

    i keep replaying 1:18 Jo’s face is just adorable. and its true though.

  9. L. Érick says:

    Fuck, Damon is so… Hot. By the way, Jo, you sound amazing in English.
    Really. Hope one day I can speak English as good as you.
    Thanks for the tip, guys. You guys fucking rock!

  10. Katharine Weislak says:

    Ughh the skyper. The worst.

    One of my biggest tips would be to allow yourself time to soak things in.
    Instead of living by a checklist, I usually write down the
    experiences/places I won’t compromise on and go from there. Some of my
    fondest memories from study abroad/traveling are lounging in a park with a
    baguette and bottle of wine and people watching with friends. Don’t get too
    bogged down with trying to see everything and then missing out on the
    culture around you. 

  11. nouran mag says:

    Hahaha I loved this. I totally agree with the “Have fun” part. It’s often
    that we end up with so much stress because of exams, that we forget about
    enjoying ourselves and experimenting new things. Great video guys. By the
    way where did you study abroad in these four times ?

  12. Airreona l says:

    It Liam Payne’s birthday we’re getting everyone involved can you help just
    type happy 21st birthday Liam on every social media site thanks

  13. Linguistic Horizons says:

    Funny video with blunt tips for #studyabroad http://ow.ly/FiWcy

  14. mateus couto says:

    Jo você é incrível, assisti alguns dos seus videos e são bem divertidos,
    mesmo não intendendo algumas falas, enfim são bons, e quero dizer que você
    é brilhante, gostaria de ter alguém assim como você por perto, e PARABÉNS,
    se você não dissesse que era brasileira não saberia pois você fala inglês
    muito bem, sem aparentar que é brasileira :))

  15. heyyylookitsjess says:

    I’m going abroad next semester and these are the best tips! Thanks so much.

  16. Robby Halter says:

    I’m currently on a Youth Exchange in Thailand! These tips are awesome :)

  17. richard robinson says:

    We do seem to do a lot of things the rest of the world doesn’t. Miles,
    pounds, etc. Most don’t want to take the time to learn the differences. I
    had to look up how much I weigh in stones. It’s 10.7. I weigh 150. Watch a
    lot of British shows and finally decided I wanted to know how many stones
    that I was. Most like it the same and don’t like change. I prefer to grow
    with each new experience. To learn what I can. I took one too many classes
    my first semester and couldn’t do it. Next semester I took fewer classes
    and it worked out better. Didn’t really think about the time for homework
    for each class and it got me good. Until next time.


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