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What Actually Happens On Study Abroad


For privacy reasons, I’ve had to take out the first quarter of the video – SOOORRY Subscribe for weekly videos! hamadeh.khalid@gmail.com www.khalid-hamadeh.c…

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  1. Khalid H says:


  2. Moby Dick says:

    Why did you stop making videos this shit was Funny af man 

  3. endtothetrend says:

    Queens Commerce Students?

  4. Charlotte Anderson says:

    It’s pronounced BudaPESHT*. 

  5. Ryan Robinson says:

    yeah meow

  6. EquityDefined says:

    It would also be interesting to do a similar video but for university
    education as a whole. EX: What do adults think students do at university
    vs. what students actually do. I know it may seem like a copy of this video
    in a sense but it would definitely be interesting to see how these
    different views intersect. It is imminent that a lot of students don’t
    go/like to go to 8:30 classes for obvious reasons but I feel like adults
    would think otherwise. Nonetheless, another great video by you Khalid –
    pleasure to watch.

  7. AllAdventureIsGood says:

    haha great video!


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